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Before you start a 529, 401K or if you already have one or both we can show you why you need to fix the problems associated with each.

Wealthy Families do not get a 529 plan, not because they are rich, but because it eliminates students from receiving student aid.

Does my current plan achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Spend 45 minutes to learn what options are available and fits your plan and Goals, not your advisor's plan.

Too many consultants are restricted to offering you a solution that their company offers, it’s just how some companies are set up. We will educate you on the big picture not just sell you a product that doesn’t fit your life’s goals. One shoe doesn’t fit everyone!

We are independent advisors that can offer just about anything available on the market and we work with the right professionals and customize your portfolio to YOUR needs and  together we can cover ALL aspects of protection for your family or business or both!

Takes less that an hour to evaluate your financial goals. 

So, get a second opinion today!


Areas I have extensive training in!

Personal/Family/Business Wealth Strategies

Find out what you options are today, or risk losing thousands of dollars waiting to learn. So many say "I wish I knew this when I was younger, I know I did!

Financial Training

We have a team of trainers that are happy to teach you what you were never taught in school. I guarantee you will be shocked at what you should have known before making financial decisions, ask me how I know!

Asset Protection

Great to have wealth but even better to keep it in a very litigious world. Did you know that even wealthy families lose all their wealth in first or second generations! 90% of the wealthy lose it in the second generation!


We are all limited to what we know.

We have created a team of top professionals in different industries to serve your needs.

With the knowledge we have obtained from the experts, we can formulate a personal solution for yourself, your family or even your business.

Why Choose Our Firm

We are all independent advisors and what that means is that we will find a solution the fits your goals! You can’t get a product from one bank that another bank has as a product or service because they have their own products and we have access to practically ALL financial products offered by many financial institutions.

Experienced Attorneys = Protection

Personal and Business Asset Protection. If the paperwork is wrong then you may experience huge losses, so make sure you have the right professional!

Custom Strategy = Wealth

It's about your goals not the goals set by a consultant's firm!
Since, I am an independent consultant, I do not have to meet a sales quota thus selling you something you do not need.

CPR = Comprehensive Portfolio Review

Is a life saving procedure and a Comprehensive Portfolio Review can too save lives by changing your life and your loves ones and your family's wealth can be protected!

What Our Clients Say

I’m glad I had “Coffee with Curtis”

I am extremely grateful for our friendship, the continued support, guidance and wisdom which Curtis offers as a close friend and business associate. Without a doubt, Curtis is one of the most knowledgeable and sincere mentors I have met in all my careers. I am humbled to work with Curtis as his passion has shifted to Family Investing; a concept previously coveted only by the extremely wealthy. I stand absolutely confident that anyone deciding to work with Curtis and the Family Investor will reap incredible insight and knowledge with how to manage their finances in a capacity formally only for the elite like the Rockefellers. Without any hesitation I strongly encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Curtis to begin a journey that could provide you the ultimate financial freedom and independence you desire!
Ntegrity Networks
I have been a colleague of Curtis Stohr for 10 years now and find him to be one of the smartest, most knowledgeable professionals I know. Curtis is one of those rare people who Loves diving into the details while at the same time holding the big picture. He is a great teacher and full of knowledge and no matter what we are doing, he quickly becomes the expert. He is also incredibly organized and so very patient really caring that the knowledge he has, is truly understood by those around him. He really goes the extra mile, and I trust his wisdom.10
The most important step to successful real estate investing and private lending is to first buy right and lend right, respectively. Curtis was our "go to" guy for this vital analysis step, which was the secret to our success. Curtis worked tirelessly when others gave up or took shortcuts, and was always selflessly willing to teach others.
Real Estate Investor

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Set up a 45 minute Zoom meeting to find out what Financial Plans are best for you, your family, your business. I block out 1 hour because you will have many questions after we open your eyes to new solutions.